Soul Maters Meet In Their Autumn Years

This is the story of two people meeting in their senior’s years who hit it off very exceptional and end up producing eight works together and raising funds for four charitable causes for Alzheimer’s Approx.

$1000.00 and 2. Heart And Stroke Approx. $600.00 3. Now for the senior Resource Center Approx. $500.00.

  We put on dance shows and sold tickets to them proceeds went to these charities. We met in our senior years, and discovered we were soul mates. We were friends for platonic friends for two years. We were married for three years. Susan died on Nov. 28, 2004 and I miss her very much. I hate to think that I will have to spend my life alone, but so be it. I will start my 12 year without her this Nov. 28, 2015