Live Love on your own terms, you must make sure that you live love in valued equality, there is no one superior to you and there is no one inferior to you.

  Remember your image is your strongest link to the inner core of your being it is already mapped out for you and you will be you in your most loving way. If  you cannot help then do not hurt them. Trust in the Universal Spirit to help.

  We must live Life In Valued Equality, if we make an acronym it would be L. O. V. E. When we contemplate that everybody is equal to us, this means that we are neither superior, nor are we inferior. If we maintain this, we will know we cannot be them , and they cannot be us we are unique. So what have we to judge others for, no reason, you point a finger at someone else, there are three pointing back at you. I also say you must be looking in the mirror.