You will learn how to use the power from within; the answers are in your spirit. It knows the way that you should become; there is a map for you. Now everything that happens is meant to happen to you. You are your pass and you will be your future. So go with the flow, trust the inner core of your being. Trust your intuition, or gut feeling, listen to your soul.

  Get in tuned to your intuition, and trust in the Universal Spirit to help. Now every solution comes from within your inner core being, your spirit essence. With this knowledge, know that you have access to the Universal Holy Spirit Life Source. The Eternal Creator, created you for a definite purpose, and he did not make a mistake.   Your directions are mapped from your inception, in the inner core of your being. You must be who you will be and can be nothing else. You will if you listen to your intuition make the right decision. There could be more than one right decision.