Bless the little child psychic of your being, may be wounded, and then it must be healed. It must nurture it back to health; you must learn to heal the child in you. You cannot operate out of the mother psychic, or the father psychic, it must be the child in you that does the changing and the healing, so be you and be all you can be. Teach the child in you to laugh and sing with glee.

  Now remember you must forgive yourself, for it is the only way you can bring blessing to yourself, for we are blessed if we are forgiven. The moment we forgive all those who trespass against us we bring blessing on them, and this is how we love our enemy. We are to love our enemy, do well toward those who persecute us, and pray for those who spiteful use us.

  Strong order but the moment you learn to do this is the moment you will see your self in your true image. You will be walking in the atonement or in tuned with your creator.